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The female thief who controls the spirit (14th Nov 22 at 2:01am UTC)
Thousands of thunder and lightning in this moment like fireworks in Ao Qing body blooming, at the same time, his whole person like a cannonball out of the chamber "boom" to fly back, in order to avoid the light of Junlan fingertips! Crackle! Countless terrible lightning fell on the armor of Junlan, which made the strange metal crisp inside, as if it were smelted again, and polished the dark armor! Jun Lan's Fen Shen swayed, if the armor was damaged, then her Fen Shen would also dissipate in the temple of Tu Kun, but Jun Lan has always been a very ruthless person, did not care about the damage of those silver thunder to the armor. Because if he retreated, let the strange Lei Xiu escape, maybe the next time he saw, he had tightly held Tu Kun chariot in his hand, so at the armor of Shen Hou, at the risk of his own Fen Shen may disappear ahead of time, Jun Lan's pace did not drop half a minute! Ao Qing's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. It's not that he hasn't faced a desperate opponent, but he's still moved by the other side's ruthless heart! An opponent, if he can be calm enough not to move for injury,Narrow aisle rack, or even hesitate for a second, then his mind will be more terrible than the means! "Oh!"! But that's all! Jun Lan sneered in her heart, and after the initial thunder, her armor was not damaged, and the swaying body was solidified again. Whether you are a new person with outstanding talent in the lower world or the soul of the dead Lord of the Blue Sky Temple, your strength is far from enough to shake the existence of this king. Even if your luck is like a rainbow, you will die early in front of my son! With such an obsession, Junlan slapped her in the face! Although before Ao Qing,warehouse rack manufacturer, it was still tens of meters away, with countless thunder and lightning still extending in the middle, but at the moment of Junlan's hand falling, Ao Qing suddenly felt a kind of soul-tearing pain! "Soul cultivator!" Ao Qing repeatedly gasped, in his impression, the soul cultivator, like his deepest hidden congenital blood spirit root, is a very rare talent in the true immortal world! He could not imagine that such an opponent would be met by him! Did not borrow the sub-soul fan, but Junlan is very confident of her own strength, her eyes, you can clearly see a touch of hazy soul breath floating out of Lei Xiu's head.
This is not to divide the soul, but to break up his soul! A slap, destroy a trace of soul, Pallet rack upright ,Drive in racking system, ten slaps will be able to beat him into an idiot! It hurts! Ao Qing's eyes rose in a moment of turbulent anger, which made Jun Lan, who was immersed in the pleasure of killing, lose her mind for a moment! Terrible wrath of death! This anger does not seem to be entirely aimed at themselves, but a monstrous ferocity that has been suppressed and hidden for many years! At this moment, something on Ao Qing's body was blown up! Perhaps you cut him a hundred knives, he may not reveal this kind of blood and resentment at the moment of evil thoughts! Jun Lan's hand can't help it! She saw Ao Qing's eyes, seemed to have lost sight of the real scene, rolling in the eyes, all stained with blood memory, he looked at her coldly, but it seemed that it was not her, but an enemy who made him more angry and crazy, for the death of this person, he did not care about heaven and earth, kill it without light! Even in the real fairy world with a stronger opponent than himself, Junlan rarely experienced the fear of the heart stopping in an instant! Because she clearly saw that the soul that had been scattered by her from Lei Xiu's body had turned around and returned to his body automatically! This is incredible! It's like the splashed water flies up from the ground and returns to the cup again. The fish that has been cut open and gutted suddenly regenerates its viscera. The wound recovers and jumps into the water and wags its tail flexibly! Destroy the soul, this is irreversible, even if encountered a very strong soul cultivator, they can only make the opponent unable to touch their soul through defensive means, and can not let the torn soul recover as before! In front of Lei Xiu's soul, already different from ordinary people! He is like a steel magic soldier, so that no means in the world can hurt him! That's terrible! Jun Lan never thought that she had met such a strange soul for a lifetime! Such a soul strength, even if shattered, he can not die! Congenital? The day after tomorrow? Man-made? Any kind of possibility is incredible! "Benping hates that someone wants to tear up my memory and soul!" Ao Qing's face changed, and a small purple charm jumped up from under his collar! He wants to unseal, and then knead the overrated ants in front of him into meat residue! Just as the middle finger of Ao Qing's right hand was bleeding automatically and preparing to congeal the golden bell blood umbrella, the corner of his eye suddenly jumped, and the out-of-control situation suddenly returned to calm! It can't be unsealed! A voice as strong as a command echoed in Ao Qing's mind, and his reason warned him that he must not be angry now! Once he exerts too much force, he will sleep forever. What's more, there is an unimaginably powerful opponent waiting for him in front of him, and he must not use up his strength here against a clown who is not worth mentioning. Jun Lan's fingertips were spasming, because she felt that Ao Qing's eyes no longer belonged to the human race, and what rose in front of her seemed to be a powerful prehistoric beast with an ancient breath! Such an enemy must be fought with all its strength! And the moment of hesitation that flashed through his eyes was her chance! "Die!" Fen Shen can't carry the magic weapon, and the magic power to destroy the soul is invalid! Jun Lan in a hurry, the outer layer of the armor, all the armor pieces made of special metal, like a terrible storm of hidden weapons, went to Ao Qing as a hood! Ao Qing forced down the purple rune that climbed up from his chest and suddenly turned around and ran back! The flying pieces of armor hit Ao Qing's arm, tore his clothes, lifted his flesh, and he ran as he ate the pain! Injured? Escape? Junlan is completely confused! Is it a bluff? The strength of the other side made her feel that she was in great trouble, but the behavior of the other side now puzzled her,Industrial pallet rack, and her self-confidence, which had nearly collapsed, was restored. omracking.com
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