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The Counterattack of the Goddess of Rebirth (14th Nov 22 at 2:00am UTC)
This is very good for the image of the boss. "Go in," Qin Zheng smiled and reached out and stroked Yunluo's hair. His voice was mellow and his eyes were gentle. "I'll wait for you in the car." "Good." As soon as Yunluo and Layne entered the hall, they were greeted by a staff member. The staff member was a young man with blond hair and blue eyes, very handsome, but with a few freckles on his face, and when he saw Yunluo, his eyes were full of surprise, and his face was covered with an unnatural blush. Then he politely led Yunluo and Layne into the building; The time of the interview is eight o'clock in the evening. It's only seven forty now, and there are still twenty minutes left, so Yunluo will stay in the lounge for a while. Along the way, all the staff who saw Yunluo were subconsciously attracted by her. Her smile was as beautiful as the brightest star in the starry night, so dazzling that people dared not look directly at her. She is graceful, graceful, delicate and beautiful, like God's most outstanding work, so that people can not find a flaw. It was not until Yunluo entered the lounge specially prepared for her that the world, as if it had lost its voice, became lively in an instant. "Wow, I think I saw an angel," said a bespectacled male worker with a nymphomaniac look. "No, the enchantress!" Another male staff member immediately retorted, "Oh, her eyes are so attractive that I feel my soul has gone with her." The praise of male staff immediately aroused the jealousy of many female staff,Cantilever Storage rack, "Hum, no matter how beautiful she is, she can't hide her dirty heart." "Yes," another female staff member answered, "it's just a troubled girl who was expelled from the University of Southern California, and deserves your praise." As soon as the words came out, the atmosphere suddenly stiffened, and many people shrugged their mouths,heavy duty racking system, shrugged their shoulders, and continued to do their own things. The staff sent Yunluo and Ryan to the lounge and left. The small but clean lounge had only two chairs that looked barely fit, and nothing else. These sons of bastards, "Ryan secretly scolded, see the chair is still clean, please Yunluo sit down." Boss, they've gone too far. "Ryan was still a little indignant.". Cloud Luo smiled, eyes unchanged, "it doesn't matter," she has been prepared to be left out in the cold. Looking at the boss who is still calm and calm, Ryan is a little ashamed. He is much older than the boss, and his strength is not as good as that of a little girl. Passed a little while, somebody came eventually, open the door, the line of sight falls on cloud Luo body "you prepare, want to go on stage." "Good." Yunluo stood up. Boss, Warehouse storage racks ,Narrow aisle rack, don't be nervous. I believe you. "Ryan is encouraging Yunluo." Okay, "Yunluo is grateful." Thank you. " It's finally time to play; Under the leadership of the staff, Yunluo went all the way to the recording hall. At this time, the lights of the recording hall were bright, a long sofa was placed in the center of the stage, which was semicircular, and the lighting engineer and photographer were debugging the equipment, which was about to begin; And the famous host Becky? Kleeman is holding the microphone. Greet the audience with a smile. The audience was small, about 100 people, but there were people of all ages. When they saw Becky, they applauded excitedly, and the atmosphere was warm. Becky is a woman in her thirties, with short hair, wearing a neutral suit, coupled with her tall and thin figure, temperament is very unique, there is a different kind of handsome. The recording has finally officially begun; Good evening, everyone. I'm Becky? Kleeman "Becky took the microphone and greeted the audience with a smile.". Pap.. "I wonder if anyone here likes horror movies?" "Yes," Becky said, and quite a few people raised their hands, about thirty. Becky randomly ordered a middle-aged man, "Do you know what the most popular horror movie is recently?" "Yes," the middle-aged man looked very excited. "Is it Paranormal Activity?" "Correct," Becky replied with a smile. "Please sit down." As you may have heard, the film cost less than $20,000, but so far, it has made nearly $100 million at the box office.
” "Wow.." "This movie is a miracle," Becky continued, looking at the incredible expressions on the faces of the audience. "It breaks the rules, so who created this movie? Who created this miracle? The audience began to talk. But Becky did not leave the audience too much time, then said: "Next we have today's guest, the director of Paranormal Activity, Ms. Yunluo." Chapter 186 Campus Storm (40). "Pow.." Pow.. Reluctant sporadic applause fully shows that they do not welcome Yunluo. Yunluo stood behind the scenes, looked around the audience, and naturally saw the audience's reaction. In the embarrassed laughter of the staff around her, Yunluo walked into the recording hall. Da. Da.. The sharp high-heeled shoes stepped on the smooth floor and made a regular rhythmic sound. Like a beautiful melody into people's hearts, so that people can not help but be driven by its rhythm. The eyes of all the people in the hall were instantly fixed on Yunluo, who was slowly walking into the recording hall. The woman's long black hair was pulled back, revealing a smooth forehead and a beautiful face that made people lose their voice. Music is regardless of national boundaries and race, so is beauty, when a person is beautiful to the extreme, people have ignored her skin and race, her beauty is too shocking, people can not recover for a long time. Delicate melon seed face, a pair of big phoenix eyes in the light flow bright brilliance, quite pretty Qiong nose, cherry red mouth with a touch of light smile, beautiful people enchanted. Her figure is excellent, convex and concave, a pair of slender and straight long legs are dazzling,heavy duty warehouse rack, the pace is not slow, the temperament is elegant and makes people feel ashamed. The audience really can't connect the bad problem girl with the elegant and noble woman in front of her. Wow Becky's eyes lit up and she screamed, "It's hard to believe that there are such beautiful women in the world that even I'm jealous." "Hello." Yunluo walked up to Becky and stretched out her long white palm. omracking.com
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