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The best prodigal daughter (14th Nov 22 at 2:47am UTC)
It's all right, but I think Hao Lu's side.. We can pretend to be ignorant. Secretly concerned about Hao Lu, after all, we do not know the ruling of the secret village.. I don't think a wise man would hang a tree. .. An entire country Only set up a dark chess.. Rabbits know how to dig three holes. Not to mention people! Said the dead for money. Julie nodded, put away her smile, sat up straight, and said seriously, "Hao Lu is indeed a clue that we can spy on, and after we know the purpose of the verdict, we can also use Hao Lu to gain greater benefits and advantages for the Holy Spirit!"! It's just that what I care about is what the tribunal is looking at? With all the strength of the divine order.. Very early began to absorb the master to see. They have been plotting for a long time, but what on earth are they concerned about? With the strength of God's rank. An empire challenge by a ruling is no problem. All it takes is for the five empires to kill each other.. But why do they want to maintain this delicate relationship? ?” "Why do you think so much?". To put it crudely .. We players will be afraid. NPC? What about the God level? We can work hard. Is it easier for us to get to the God level than NPC? To say the least.. We're not gonna die. He kills me, I drop a level, I kill him, he really dies! "Little money, you are an idiot, I am worried about Luo Er, and a few masters in the lost village." Julie gave a white look and asked for money, and said feebly. In addition to the search for the willow, robbery and the killer did not feel, the others are silent,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the heart is not very good. Right Could it be because of Luoer and them? The talent of the adjudication Institute has not done it? Said Rose. Julie asked for money and thought, "It's possible..". Lore said that not all of the divine orders were attracted by the verdict. And the ruling is to suppress, or even kill, the land that cannot be solicited. This In that case.. In fact, the ruling Institute has offended many divine masters who do not belong to their management. .. So there must be a lot of people like Luoer. ..” With that in mind, Julie and the idea of asking for money came alive.. Empire Luoer and the Lost Village, the player.. In fact, the tribunal is not terrible. ! At this moment,Glucono Delta Lactone, Julie and the dead want money to laugh very treacherously. Chapter 94: Action (I) Julie and others, who were suddenly enlightened, immediately took action, where they could sit still, and that night they went to the transport array to transport back to Yueyue City. But Luo Er has been closed, Julie and death for money and hurried to death there, although afraid of death, but now this is a serious matter, and they have a direct relationship, now time is also money. Barracks even at night is also very rigorous, Julie and die for money have nodded, the heart had to sigh: "This death is really fierce!"! But also don't know is the God of death before notice, or because they are the relationship between the castellan, there is no problem, Theobromine Powder ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, generously was brought into the barracks, just some gas knot is, unexpectedly open castellan also stand outside the camp and so on. Walking into the battalion commander, Julie and the dead money rolled their eyes. There was no bed, desk, and a room full of books, maps, etc. Sure enough, it's not a person. 。“ Say Death looked down at the military book and said lightly. We went to Caesar's Empire, and something happened, but it made us think of something! Julie said in a deliberately mysterious way. Death has no reaction.. It made Julie and the dead feel powerless to ask for money. As if facing a log. Julie sighed, sat down on her own, and began to talk seriously about Caesar's trip to the Empire, coming back, and their analysis. The unreserved statement is over. He took a deep breath and said, "So we guess that the ruling is worried about the unstable factors, the hidden strength of the Empire and the divine masters who are not used by them!" "And that leads us to a plan for the tribunal!" Die for money and say excitedly. This time the God of death raised his head, although did not say anything, but Julie and death for money to see, the God of death finally has a human expression. Julie and death want money to listen to the story of Luo Er, naturally know that death and Luo Er two people hate the verdict, can also understand the performance of death now, also do not play a careless eye, not in the appetite.
"In fact," he said earnestly, "to solve the problem of adjudication, we rely on the empire, the masters of the divine order, and the strange people like us." Jolie added: "I don't know how strong the empire is behind it, but if all five empires resist.". This force is absolutely not to be ignored. You are a master of marching and fighting, and I want to know that sometimes ants bite elephants to death, even if they are strong. There are also moments of fatigue. I don't know how many god-level masters are not controlled by the ruling. If we can gather this power, then it is also part of the power to counter them. What I really want to say is that we are different, and I think you know how special we are.. Not really dead. 。 Can be infinitely resurrected, although it will be downgraded, but in comparison.. It's easy for us to improve our strength. ! If we can tangle with a bunch of strange people.. With the help of your divine masters. . What will happen if we improve our strength in a short time? ? Definitely fast enough, as long as the benefits and so on are attractive enough.. On the contrary, the verdict is not terrible. .. You can even save your strength. Directly let us strange people rush to the front line. After we failed a few levels. You god-level people continue to help bring down the ranks of the strange people.. And so on .. No matter how many divine masters are judged, they may not be our opponents! Death lowered his head and pondered. "Yes," he said. "How about loyalty?" "Boss, we are not Luo Er, you this is too simple." Dead want money to roll his eyes. Said helplessly 。 Death gave a shock and then said, "This..". A .. Method .. Feasible .. But .. Those .. People and land .. Loyalty .. Yes No .. I can guarantee ..” Listening to the stiff words of death, death for money and Julie, I know why death is usually so cool, never speak a few words. "The words of loyalty..". I can't guarantee everything. 。 But If out of 10,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer,000 people, 。 Half of it can help us! Julie said. Death frowned and said, "Of the divine order..". I . Help .. Contact .. You .. Help .. Recruit strange people .. Try to find .. Can . Control . Yes !” 。 pioneer-biotech.com
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